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Taking Your Car for ITV (Spanish Equivalent of a UK MOT)

All vehicles in Spain must periodically undergo a technical inspection. There are 50 odd inspection points in Andalucía, with service more readily available in heavily populated areas. The schedule your vehicle is required to follow will depend on the date it was first licensed.

Below is a link that shows all the vehicle categories and how often they need to pass an ITV test.

Although there are businesses and private individuals out there that offer to take your car for its ITV it’s relatively easy and straightforward to do.

Here you can make your appointment online, choose the station that suits you and the time.

When you arrive at the testing station you go into the office and you will see touch screen machines displaying registration numbers, scroll through until you see yours, press it and you will get a ticket, on this ticket is a letter and number, watch the screens above the counters to show you your turn in the queue., when you see your number you go up and present your vehicle documentation, don’t forget that its now obligatory to present your vehicle insurance in order to proceed with the test.

Once you have presented your documents after queuing you wait outside in your car and watch the large board with registration numbers on it, when yours comes up it will have a bay number beside it, drive to the relevant bay and they will start your ITV test.

Once you have completed all the parts of the test it is usual to park your car outside and wait to find out if your vehicle has passed or not, if it has you will get a new sticker for your windscreen, don’t forget to remove the old one.

If it failed then you will get notification of what it failed on, then you will need to take your vehicle to be repaired and re-book your ITV test. As I understand it, you can ONLY drive it to a place of repair and then back to the ITV station.

Data from states “as of 20.5.2018 you can take your vehicle to its ITV inspection up to 1 month before renewal date, without losing the original date for the next year (so if inspections yearly, then up to 13 months). The date on which the vehicle passes the test is the one that counts, so if it doesn´t pass the first time and you offer for re-test after the original renewal date, one full year is added (if inspections yearly).

If you want to inspect your vehicle without requesting the appointment or the appointment is outside your inspection period, you can approach one of the ITV centers and wait for a place available from another user’s cancellation .When you go without an appointment to an ITV station, the usual procedure is to request a ticket B (without appointment) at the ticket kiosks. But you must know that the fact of obtaining such a ticket does not guarantee the provision of the service, it only keeps the place in the event that there is any cancellation of appointment or generates some availability on time. You can get an appointment for any ITV station Andalusia, in the Web or by calling 959 999 999.